Ways to get involved with Rollin' Dreams

There are many ways to get involved in the work and play of Rollin' Dreams.

Become a volunteer!

           * Please check in for volunteer opportunities as we continue to build our website.  

Become a Mentor

          * Many of the teens who are referred to us would like to have a mentor to work with, hang out with, or teach them new skills, hobbies, etc.  If you have a passion, skill or talent you would like to share, please let us know.  We DO require a background check for everyone who works directly with teen patients.  For more information about the background check, please contact our secretary, Jeanne, at  jhrtfldr@aol.com.  Thank you!

Become a Supporter!

          * Supporters help us in so many ways, either through substantial monetary donations or through generous donations of items, services, etc.  for upkeep of the Chevelle, our website, our referred teens and our community members.  

Make a Donation!

           * You can donate by cash, check or charge at any of our events.  If you'd like to donate online,   please go to:  http://rollindreams.org/donate

Become a Teen Helping Teens!

           *Are you a teen who wants to help other teens in need?  Would you like to get your school involved in fundraising?  Do you want to invite another school to a fundraising challenge?  Are you looking for a fun volunteer opportunity to fulfill your graduation volunteer requirements?  You found the right place!  

            For more information on our THT program Contact Jeni or Daelyn

   at Rollindreams@comcast.net   -OR-   click on the Contact Us tab at the top of this page.