Truck Build

Since we are a foundation centered around cool cars, it only made sense to us to do a cool car build!  The idea stemmed from Austin's dream car and all the beauties we see at every car show we attend.   Some of our Board members believe in dreaming BIG, so we began to pitch our "build challenge" idea to some local car lovers and builders and soon we had our Dream Team in place!  Well, as luck would have it, we also talked to just the right person and he happened to have a 1954 5 window Chevy truck he was willing to donate to us for this build!  BUILD ON!  

We'd love to have you follow us on this big adventure as we turn some wrenches, and get elbow deep in parts over the next several months.  We will be sure to post pictures along the way, so check back often.

**The success of this entire build relies on donations of parts and good old cash, so please don't be shy if you or someone you know would like to donate to the cause.  Ultimately, the truck will be auctioned to raise funds  for Rollin' Dreams to help more teens with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.